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FutzVomit Mega Pack - Posters/Pasteups & Stickers


Skulls, maggots, monsters, underpants, profanity, poop, death, & debauchery! What else would you expect from your two favourite fiends!?

This FutzVomit Mega Pack includes one of nearly every pasteup & sticker we've printed up so far! Includes 6 posters/pasteups & 15 stickers. Posters range in size from 6"x9" up to 10.5"x10.5", and the stickers range from 2"x4" up to 6"x8"! Only 3 available.

Shipping is FREE in the US!
Add $3 for delivery to all other countries.

About the Artists:

@Futz.Oner - The Terror from Tennessee; street artist known primarily for his stark black & white imagery, often with a social or political bent. Currently working in & around Nashville, Tennessee.

@francisvomitsucks - The Fiend from the 'Deen; street artist known for her colourful, cheerful, yet disturbing style. Currently working in & around Aberdeen, Scotland.

@FutzVomit_Industries - Together we are an unstoppable force of evil & destruction & adorable stickers! Bwahahahaha.. *burp* ..tee hee!